EMR 145 Latinx Xicanx Indigeneities





Marcelo Garzo
Wednesdays, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

In this advanced seminar course, we will explore questions of indigeneity and decolonization in Latinx and Xicanx communities and diasporas across Abya Yala (the Americas, including the Caribbean). Thinking from the intersections of Latinx/Xicanx and Native/Indigenous Studies and communities — and through a comparative and critical Ethnic Studies lens — we will trace key terms and concepts that emerge from these important transdisciplinary fields, social movements and debates. How does indigeneity relate to concepts such as Latinidad, Xicanismo, mestizaje and decolonization? What are the possibilities and problems that emerge in the context of hemispheric, transnational Indigenous struggles? How are these realities shaped by systems and processes of racialization, gender, sexuality, language, and migration? These dialogues serve to map historical and contemporary dynamics of “resisting ←→ oppressing” (Lugones 2003) as they are shaped by structures of settler colonialism, genocide, and heteropatriarchy.