Fellowships and Grants

HUNAP provides support to Harvard students to conduct research on Native American and Indigenous issues, for professional development activities, and for conference attendance. Harvard students may apply to the following: 

Please note these are supports for research and NOT financial aid scholarships.

  • The HUNAP Nation Building Fellowship provides financial assistance to support the direct expenses related to research and/or fieldwork leading to the fulfillment of a course-related research paper, degree requirements, and/or advancement to doctoral candidacy; 
  • The 1665 Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck Pre-Doctoral Fellowship supports currently enrolled Harvard doctoral students who have been advanced to doctoral candidacy and are entering the dissertation completion stage (core course requirements and qualifying paper proposal must be completed); 
  • The HUNAP Conference Attendance Grant assists students who will be attending a national/regional/local conference in order to participate in a panel or present on topics relating to Native American and Indigenous peoples; 
  • The Allen and Mary Ivey Fund provides financial assistance to Harvard students pursuing research or career development opportunities related to Native American topics by supporting activities that connect students to Native American and Indigenous leaders at the national level. 

Application Deadlines: 

  • January 15th for Spring Semester 
  • April 30th for Summer Semester 
  • September 30th for Fall Semester Please email hunap@harvard.edu to request an application.