Nation Building Projects

Nation Building II Projects 2007-2013


2014-02  Wagner, Shana. Developing a Prep School Model for Gifted Indigenous Youth in South-western Ontario. Indigenous Education Coalition. Ontario, Canada.

2014-03  Altamirano, Edgar. Muscogee Creek Nation: Chartered Community Revitalization Task Force. Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Community Research & Development. Tulsa, OK.

2014-04  Celosia, Allison & Dabrieo, Michael. Santa Clara Pueblo: Reimagining How To Create New Generations of Fluent Tewa Speakers. Santa Clara Pueblo, NM 

2014-05  Hudson, Tim, Mirabal, Andria, Tadros, LeAnn; Hudson. KhaP’o Common Core. Santa Clara Pueblo Department of Youth and Learning. Espanola, NM 

2014-06  Davis, Marissa & Lee, AJ. Fort Peck Health Promotion Disease Prevention: Intertribal Commodity Exchange Program Health Data. The Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes. Poplar, MT.

2014-07  Simpson, Sarah. Fort Peck Health Promotion Disease Prevention: Health Data. The Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes. Poplar, MT 

2014-08  Lampone, Vince & Salazar, Jose. NCAI: Documenting NCAI Tribal Investments. National Congress of American Indians. Washington, DC.

2014-09  Blue, Hannabah, Hild, MacKenzie, Sevortian, Anna. iHuman: Curriculum Development for High Risk First Nations/Metis Youth. iHuman Youth Society. Alberta, Canada.

2014-10-15  Harris, Stacey. Towards a Daycare Center for the Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah: Potential Daycare Models and Considerations. Aquinnah, MA.


2013-01   Alvarez, C. & Karapetyan, A. Research in Data Ownership for First Nation Students Attending Provential School System, Indigenous Education Coalition, Muncey, ON, Canada.

2013-02   Biddiscombe, K. & Flores, M. Learning to Walk in Three Worlds: Curriculum Development for the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas, Eagle Pass, TX.

2013-03   Cesares, R. & Chernoff, M. Measuring the Well Being of Choctaw Citizens, Choctaw Nation, Durant, OK.

2013-04   Dagan, Y. Priorities for Education, Ft. Apache, AZ.

2013-05  Dorer, B. & Fetter, A. Promising Practices for the Effective Teaching of Native Students, National Indian Education Association, Washington, D.C.

2013-06  Hild, M. & Macvicar, S. Moving the Mountain Inch by Inch: The Challenge of Education for Indigenous Youth, iHuman Youth Society, Edmonton, Canada.

2013-07   Rahman, A. & Tannin, C. Preserving Culture and Language, Piegan Institute, Blackfeet Nation, Browning, MT.

2013-08   Shearer, L. & Genova, E. The Future of Oneida Citizenship, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Oneida, WI.

2013-09  Maung Nyen. Human Rights in the Chittagong Hill Tracks, Bangladesh (movie).

2013-10  Ward, S. Chartered Community Revitalization Task Force, Muscogee Creek Nation, Okmulgee, OK.

2013-11  Warren, A. Core Values: Leadership Institute, Santa Fe, NM.


2012-01   Ahearn, S. & S. Patel. Planting the Seeds for Language Revitalization, The Oneida Nation of New York. Oneida, NY.

2012-02   Argetsinger, T. & J. Cruz. Work Group on Alaska Native Education: Implementing Collective Impact. Anchorage, AK.

2012-03   Benavidez, A. & Browne, C. Arrested Development: MHA Nation’s Development of Oil Resources. Three Affiliated Tribes-Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara, Fort Berthold, ND.

2012-04   Chan, A. & Eason, R. GOALS: The Gedakina Survey Project. Abenaki of New England.

2012-05   Damien, C. Tribal Energy Governance: Energy Governance Tools, Barriers to Self-Determination, & Values in Energy Development National Congress of the American Indians. National Congress of the American Indian, Washington, DC.

2012-06  Ewing, E.L. & Ferrick, M. For This Place, for these People: An exploration of Best Practices Among Charter Schools Serving Native Students. National Indian Education Association, Washington, DC.

2012-07   Hasan, A. Positive Impacts of Native Languages and Cultures Revitalization: Salish School of Spokane. Spokane WA.

2012-08   Pastogi, A. A Demographic Profile of the Native American Population of Spokane, Washington. Spokane WA.


2011-01  Barnes, S. Sustaining a Way Forward: Next Steps. Harvard University Native American Program. Cambridge, MA.

2011-02  Cohen, R. & Henschel, M.    Fort Peck Tribal Utility Project: Case Studies, Points of Consideration, and Resources for Developing a Tribal Utility Commission. Poplar, MT.

2011-03   Connell, D. & Segal, A. Extraction Strategies: Managing Success. Ft. Peck Tribes, Montana.

2011-04   Hicks, N. & Tuttle, H. Shinnecock Early Learning/Day Care Center Planning Project Report. Shinnecock, NY.

2011-05   La Russo A. & Healey, G. Nipmuk Nashauonk: Stategic Plan for Museum and Cultural Center. Nipmuk Nation, MA.

2011-06   Manuhutu, O. Native Biz-Digital Divide: Connectivity and Empowerment. Banning, CA.

2011-07   Martin, R. Not Extinct: A History of the Tongva/Gabrieleno People of Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA

2011-08   Miller, T. Choctaw Quality of Life: A Pilot Survey to Measure the Quality of Life of Choctaw Citizens Living in the Choctaw Tribal Nation of Oklahoma. Durant, OK.

2011-09   Nathan J. & Esquivel, L. Addressing the Unique Challenges of Kanaka Maoli Kūpuna Residing Outside of Hawaiʻi.

2011-10   Petillo, A. & Douglas, B. Addressing Sexual Violence on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation: An Integrated Approach to Community Healing. Lame Deer, MT.

2011-11   Rocha, S.  Boys and Girls Club of Northern Cheyenne: Promise Neighborhoods. Lame Deer Montana.    (Not Scanned). Lame Deer, MT.

2011-12   Torres, R. Hopi Conflict Management for Young People: The Nakwatsvewat Institute. Second Mesa, AZ.

2011-13   Way, A. Local Government Options for the Town of Ashland, Montana. N. Cheyenne, MT.

2011-14   Zhang, L. & Beauvais, R. Native Health Bar: Nutritional Analysis and Business Plan. Penobscott Nation, ME.


2010-01   Amdur-Clark, T. & Briggs-Cloud, M. Afognak Historic Preservation Project. Native Village of Afognak, AK.

2010-02   Brown, C. & Keene, A. Bureau of Indian Education: Summer Youth Leadership Challenge. Haskell, KS.

2010-03   Eaton, T. &  Welch, J. Sante Fe Indian School- Economic Self-Sufficiency. Santa Fe, NM.

2010-04   Isaacson, L. & Hawk, R. Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (MPTN), Citizen-Owned Businesses. Mashantucket, CT.

2010-05   Lightman, D. & Bloom, R. Business Plan Development for Economic Sustainability. Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, NM.

2010-06   Longenecker, E. & Warren, K. Ft. Peck Tribes of Montana: Establishment of Non-Profit Organization for Wellness Development. Poplar, MT.

2010-07   Majzoub, K. Kusi Ccoyllor Development Initiative. Communities of Q’eros, Peru.

2010-08   Martin, R.&  Yiengst, M. Ruby Tribal Council: Balancing of responsibilities and shared resources with local city government. Ruby, AK.

2010-09   Page, J. & Waidman, B. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Residential Schools and Traditional Words of Reconciliation.

2010-10   Patitsas, P. & Primbas, A.    Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Farm Development and Ownership Issues. (Not Scanned).  Rosebud, SD.

2010-11   Smalley, T. & Tsagaroulis, K. Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (MPTN), Entrepreneurship and Financial Learning. Mashantucket, CT.


2009-01   Alfred, K.   Cangleska: Research on Alcohol & Substance Abuse Residential Center. Pine Ridge, ND.

2009-02   Brossy, J. Development Strategies for Renewable Energy through Wind and Solar Technologies. Seneca Nation, NY.

2009-03   Cameron, J. Strategies and Considerations for Workforce Development in Remote Location of Multi-Billion Dollar Project on the Crow Reservation. Many Stars CTL, Crow Agency, MT.

2009-04   Conroy, K. Curriculum Development Concerning Native American Artifacts with the Harvard Divinity School and Peabody Museum. Peabody Museum. Cambridge, MA.

2009-05   Honey, R. Practices Model for Creation and Advancement of First Nations Economic Development Corporations: Metlakatla Development Corporation. Prince Rupert, BC, Canada.

2009-06   Kang, H. Evaluation of Shared Law Enforcement Resources Between Crow Agency, County and State Law Enforcement. Crow Agency, MT.

2009-07  Kolerok, C. & Thiele, R. Capturing the Carbon, Capturing the Market: The Development of Tribal Enterprises for Voluntary Carbon Offsets and Carbon Trading: Indian Dispute Resolution Center. White Mountain Apache, Sacramento, CA.

2009-08  Patten, J,  Evaluation of Emergency Medicine Capacity and Training Needs. Ft. Peck, MT.


2008-01  Branch, E. The Story Behind the Just Transition Coalition and Its Quest to Effect Justice for the Navajo and Hopi People, Navaho Nation, Az.

2008-02  Chart, H.  Barriers To Foster Care Placement, Northern Cheyenne Nation, MT.

2008-03  Deckinger, J. Strategic Guidelines for Tribal Efforts in Philanthropy. Potlatch Fund. Portland, OR.

2008-04   DeVincentis, A. & Jordan, K. Cultural Considerations in Constitutional Reform.  Akwesasne Nation (Mohawk), NY.

2008-05  Edwards, A. & Schuettpelz, C. Economic Impact of Navajo Tax System on Border Communities: Navajo Tax Commission. Navajo Nation, AZ.

2008-06  Ghiselli, M. & Proffitt, L. Comparative Incidence of Cancers and Autoimmune Disorders: Pleasant Point. Passamaquoddy Nation, ME.

2008-07  Herrera, I.D. Environmental and Cultural Considerations for Design of Lakota High School. Pine Ridge, SD.

2008-08  Keefe, A. & Tantillo, V. National Native Cultural Standards for Indian Education, National Indian Education Association. Washington, D.C.

2008-09  O’Connor, F. Policy Implementations of Alaskans Institute First Alaska Natives Statistical Data Base. Anchorage, AL.

2008-10  Vanderhoop, T. & Youpee-Roll, A. Comparative Guide to Educate Tribal Members of Changes in Constitution. Crow Nation, MT.


2007-01  Barnes, S.M. Creating a Nation Building Museum: Considerations for the Redesign and Reorganization of the Hall of the North American Indian. Peabody Museum. Cambridge, MA.

2007-02  Brennan, E.L. & Curley, G. Tribal Considerations for Participation in Studies Collecting DNA.  One Sky Center, Oregon Health Sciences University. Portland, OR.

2007-03  Chatsis, D. & Patterson, M. Options for a Constitution: Heiltsuk Tribal Council. Heiltsuk Nation, Canada.

2007-04  Goldstein, P. & Leonard, K. Continued Steps to Economic Nation Self-Sufficiency: Aquinnah Wampanoag Nation. Aquinnah, MA.

2007-05  Gomez-Murphy, M. United States, Canada, Mexico Indigenous Border Crossing Rights: Mohawk Council of the Akwesasne. Akwesasne Nation, NY & Canada.

2007-06  Harjo, T. & Schwarz, A. Historical Trauma: A Model for Examining Current Behavioral Health Issues. Mashantucket Pequot, CT.

2007-07  Levin, MJ. & Curley, M. Development of Alaska Natives First Alaskans Institute Statistical Data Base. Anchorage, AK.

2007-08  Parker, M. &  Johnson, M. Fort Apache Restoration: Heritage Strategies And Structures: The Fort Apache Heritage Foundation. White Mountain Apache, AZ.

2007-09  Prevost, N. & Batt, T. Kalinago Development Corporation Report: Carib Council. Dominique, Caribbean.

2007-10   Swan, J. & van den Berg, A. Sovereign Nations Fund Financial Guidance. Salt River, Gila River and Tohono O’odham Nations, AZ.

2007-11  Wagner, D. & Porter, C. Methamphetamine and Pine Ridge: Options for Combating Its Use. Pine Ridge, SD.

2007-12  Yahel, H. &  Aztlan, C. Legal Infrastructure for Nation Building: Tigua Legal Infrastructure. Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, TX.