Native Runners @ 120th Boston Marathon


Monday, April 18, 2016 (All day)

Cheer on Indigenous runners scheduled to run the Marathon!

Free and open to the public. Read course map here:


Irma Chávez Cruz (Tarahumara, 25) She lives in Chihuahua where she serves as the gobernador (mayor) of her community. She recently earned a masters degree in ecology from the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua. She works for Estatal (State) Secretaría de Acción Indígena and for the Chihuahua Institute of Culture developing a lexicon of Tarahumara language.

Arnulfo Quimare, (Tarahumara, 34) lives in Soriachique with his wife and four children. He works as a farmer, goat herder and runner. Since the age of 18 he has been the premier rarajipari runner, the traditional Tarahumara ball race. He has also won many ultramarathons, and achieved international fame when he beat Scott Jurek in a 50-mile canyon race as recorded in the book Born to Run. (Spanish speaker)

Honor runner Dale Lolar (Penobscot) Honoring Andrew Sockalexis (Penobscot), who ran second in the 1911 and 1912 Boston Marathons.

Wings of America runners

Running Strong for American Indian Youth runners

Indigenous Marathon Association runners