RELIGION 1084 / HDS 3121: Encountering Motherhood: Sacred Histories





Professor: Kimberly Patton

W - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Childbearing, pregnancy, and motherhood, and the uncanny bond between mother and child have been focalthemes in the history of religion since the Paleolithic period. This seminar considers the complex subject of motherhood through sacred histories from ancient Greece, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Buddhism, Finnish epic, and select indigenous traditions. We will also read contemporary works in
matrifocal theology, evolutionary biology, sociology, and literature.

Enrollment is limited to 30 students by application. Application with instructions and enrollment information will be available on course website in "Announcements"; please fill out and email to instructor by 10 pm on Wed. Aug. 31 (Monday class schedule; no meeting); first meeting of class is Wed. Sept. 7.

Jointly offered with the Harvard Divinity School as HDS 3121.