EMR 1010: Topics in Latinx Studies: Imagining Latinidad





Professor: Americo Mendoza-Mori

M, W - 10:30 am to 11:45 am

This course is intended to provide hands-on practice toward doing research on Latinx issues, with an approach grounded in the understanding that terms ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latinidad’ are not static concepts and, at the same time, not a homogeneous mix. We will examine culture, intellectual production, languages, economics, and political thought, as well as the dynamics of Latino/a/e people in the United States. Throughout the class, students will become familiar with a wide range of thinkers, currents, concepts, topics, and they will be exposed to frameworks of decolonial history and knowledge. The class will also facilitate conversations about the current place of Latinx cultures within the U.S. imaginary, including the immigrant groups from Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, as well Indigenous and Afro-diasporic communities.

Readings, cultural products and discussions for this class will include literature, music, traditional and social media, and bibliography on history, linguistics, ethnic and social studies. Special attention will be paid to issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class. This is a broad-based course open and accessible to all students.